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About NAMI in Buffalo & Erie County

Dinner 2018 save date invit jpgNAMI in Buffalo & Erie County is an organization of more than 450 families and friends with seriously mentally ill loved ones. Our leaders and staff are all volunteers who've had many years of experience dealing with the illnesses of their own relatives and with the mental health system. We are committed to assisting, educating, and supporting other families in similarly difficult situations.

Founded in 1984, NAMI in Buffalo & Erie County is affiliated with NAMI National, which has more than 250,000 members in more than 1,200 affiliates across all 50 states; we're also one of 60 NAMI New York State affiliates. (NAMI and NAMI-NYS, 2012) Please consider making a donation to assist us in our critical work helping families, friends, and consumers affected by serious mental illness. We welcome you to join us and become part of our NAMI Family. We're grateful for funding we have received from the Margaret L. Wendt Foundation, the Buffalo Community Foundation, SEFA, Independent Health, our members and friends. Your donation will make a difference!